Tuesday, February 15, 2011

choc cake time..

Salam n Hi!

So, hari ni time utk menjamu selera with choc moist cake..hihi..ada tak org tak suke choc moist cake? rasanya sume suke choc cake kan? hehehe..

rich choc moist cake..this is actually a two-tier cake..tp tak sempat nak snap pic masa dia 2tgkt..huhu..

so, nak order?? mari mari...

Monday, February 14, 2011

muffin doorgift


Muffin as a doorgift..nice kan? boleh buat org kenyang, tambah lagi kalau muffin tu sedap..=) mesti tetamu puji tuan rumah..ini koleksi sedapsedapbelaka..

the price can be as low as RM1/pc for 1000 pax order..=)

fondant cakes and cupcakes


So, as for today..im gonna feast ur eyes with fondant deco! hehe..

fondant cupcakes..suitable for wedding/engagement hantaran.

Fondant cake for wedding/engagement hantaran

So, what are u waiting for? Jom order untuk hari besar anda..=)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

biscuits for ur goodies on ur wedding day

Salam n Hi!

sorry for the long silence..in the month of love (February), i'm back with more and more yummiest food for ur eyes to feast..hehehe..n of course for ur stomach too! =)

sweet as a doorgift for ur wedding day or any special occasion.

biscuit in bulk =)

This doorgift were ordered by Cik Su or now can be called as Puan Su for her wedding day doorgift. All of our client that had tasted our biscuit will surely ordered them for the 2nd, 3rd and nth time..hehehe..so, definitely it will be the best choice for u..so, juz fill in the form and we'll let u know the best price for u!! =)

iklan best!


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