Sunday, June 26, 2011

mini fondant cakes in glass


new version of mini fondant cakes! looks more exclusive and mesmerizing..hikss..present to all of u..


mini fondant cake in glass..

cantik kan? =)

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cikkin wedding cakes: school hols ver.2


Ok..Cikkin's was like a loyal customer to SSB. hehe..sebab byk order dari beliau. =) For Cikkin's wedding, she requested to not have a fondant cake because she said she doesn't like a thick sugarpaste on her cakes. So, she's ordered RED VELVET mini cake and Red Velvet Cupcakes with cheese and buttercream topping (to make the cream stay) for her hantaran.

Cikkin hantaran's cake. Mini RV dikelilingi RV cuppies..idea yg disuggest kepada cikkin. hehe =)

her hantaran's arrangement.

Next is Cikkin's the lake garden wedding. Sedapsedapbelaka was officially her cake decorator on that day. yippie..thanks cikkin! As for reception event, cikkin ordered brownies cake with purple buttercream topping and 100 brownies cupcakes.

Sedapsedapbelaka owner with Cikkin cakes!

the brownies cuppies

more cuppies!

that's all for now.. =) dun forget to email us ya..hihi

Full with baking activities on school hols! ver. 1

Salam, holidays = full with wedding and engagement activities yaw! ada beberapa client SSB yg telah bergelar seorang isteri dan juga tunangan org. Congrats semua! semoga semuanya berbahagia hingga ke syurga ye? aminnn..

so, lets cekidaut the hantarans (fondant cakes).

Lyana MK's fondant cupcakes

Sarah Sue's fondant cupcakes

Suria Riza's engagement cake

Azed's fondant cake

so, if u're event next, do not hesitate to email us to make ur wedding look beautiful! =)

iklan best!


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